We recommend booking your train ticket to Kings Lynn Station. Taxis and shuttle buses will be available from Kings Lynn station:

Getting To The Festival By Train:
Take the train to Kings Lynn where you can pick up an event shuttle bus or taxi. Please note, trains to Kings Lynn are expected to be exceptionally busy between 14.00 – 20.00 on Thursday 10th August.

Leaving The Festival By Train:

Sunday - On Sunday shuttle buses will operate from the festival site to Kings Lynn station.

Monday - Due to the capacity of trains departing from Kings Lynn, Shuttle Buses will operate to both Kings Lynn and Ely. Ely has a more regular train service to London, with more capacity on trains and platforms to accommodate you. The majority of shuttle buses will operate from the Festival site – Ely. Please note that your Kings Lynn train tickets will be valid to either station.

Train Station Shuttle Buses:
Shuttle buses will be in operation during the following times, you will be able to board the event shuttles to Ely with your Kings Lynn shuttle bus ticket, please pre-purchase tickets here via Tuned In Travel as per the below schedule:

Thursday: From Kings Lynn – every 15 minutes from 10:45 until 21:15
Friday: From Kings Lynn only – Every 30 minutes from 11:00 until 21:00
Saturday: No shuttle buses in operation
Sunday: To Kings Lynn only – Every 30 minutes from 10:45 until 17:45
Monday: To Kings Lynn – every 15 minutes from 8:45 until 16:15 To Ely – Every hour from 10:45 until 14:45
For any questions related to the shuttle bus service, please contact

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