7th June 2018 - 10th June 2018

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“One of the most important boutique festivals that the UK has to offer.” The Independant

This independent Electronic Music & Arts festival is hosted on the beautiful island of Anglesey, around an enchanting lake and mansion. The fairy tale like setting has secured Gottwood as one of the most picturesque festivals in the UK and the perks don’t stop there. Unlike many before it, Gottwood has stuck to its promise of keeping the event cosy, with a crowd of only 5,000 permitted each year. The scenery and small scale keeps this open air event a chilled out festival with a friendly vibe and promise of great time.

Unsurprisingly, Gottwood was nominated for best dance event in the UK with its ten stages hosting huge performers with blow away sets. Those bringing the party together this year are DJ and Producer Andrew Weatherall, the Swedish house music DJ Alex Boman, tech master Craig Richards, and electronic music group Crazy P, just to name a few. There are loads more acts lined up ready to have you dancing the four days away beneath the trees.

With all that partying ahead why not take it easy on your way to the festival. Tuned in Travel have teamed up with Gottwood to provide coach transfers from several locations, as well as a local shuttle service and private hire options. Whether it’s a public coach with one or two friends, or a private hire minibus for up to 16 passengers we will make sure your travel is easy, affordable and economical.