It's All About Tuned in Travel

Tuned in Travel are an innovative and environmentally-conscious events travel company offering safe, affordable and greener travel to your favourite festivals and music events. 

Building on our extensive experience in the travel and events industries, Tuned in Travel offer a number of different transport options that save you time, stress and, most importantly, money. 

Unlike other festival travel companies, we offer private hire minibuses so you and your friends can travel together. Forget dragging around your camping gear from train to train or trying to find your ride home in a sea of a thousand cars, now you can get minibus directly to festivals from a local town or your own home!

We love festivals and value the freedom they offer. We pride ourselves on offering transport to some of the best events in the country whilst making sure your experience is a stress-free as possible. From booking seats on a coaches or minibuses, to receiving your e-tickets, and finally travelling to the event, we will make sure you have the best possible start to your adventure. 

Coach Travel

For each of our partner festivals, we have dedicated coaches running from a number of locations around the country. Simply choose the festival you would like to attend, the city or town you would like to depart from and the number of seats you would like to book. Once you have paid for your seat, we take care of the rest!

Private Hire

If you and your friends would like to travel as a group, it is worth considering booking one of our minibuses. The minibus would be solely dedicated to your group and can collect you from a convenient location. Booking a minibus is quick and easy and you can pay for it through our secure payment server. You can even split the cost with your friends. 

Carbon Offsetting 

As a company, we are dedicated to reducing the carbon emissions generated by festivals. Travel is an essential component of any festival, however it contributes between 60%-80% to the event’s overall carbon footprint. As a result, we have decided to pair up with Energy Revolution and offer our customers the chance to offset the pollutants generated during their travel. Customers can choose to donate a small amount of money, which is carefully calculated to reflect the actual cost to offset your emissions using the mileage of their trip and method of transport, to Energy Revolution. Energy Revolution then invest 100% of the money into not-for-profit renewable energy companies and projects. Energy Revolution crowdsources donations at point-of-sale and turns fossil-fuel travel miles into clean, renewable energy so we can keep the party going forever.