Q. I have not received my coach e-ticket, what should I do?
A. Due to the high volume of e-tickets we send, the email in which they are contained can sometimes be automatically moved into your spam folder (otherwise known as Junk Mail). They are moved by either your internet or email provider. However, if you cannot find it there, you can log in to your account through the my bookings portal and download your ticket. Please email customerservices@tunedintravel.com if you need assistance.

Q. Where can I find my departure location and time?
A. Coach times are not released until the transport scheduling for the event is complete. This will usually be 4-6 week prior to the event. Your e-ticket will contain all this information. It will clearly state the pick-up address and the time the coach plans to depart.

Q. Can you provide an estimated journey time for my coach?
A. Due to the unpredictable nature of British roads and festival traffic, we are unable to provide any estimations on journey times.

Q. Will the coach travel directly to the festival or will there be multiple stops en route?
A. We will always try to provide direct coaches to festivals, where feasible. 

Q. Where will the coach drop us off when we arrive at the festival?
A. In most cases, the coach will drop you at the coach station designated by the festival. This is normally close to the entrance, however in some cases it can be a short walk away.

Q. Can I change the departure point I initially specified at the time of booking?
A. We will always try our utmost to accommodate any changes to your departure point, however any changes are always subject to availability. If we are able to accommodate your change, you will only be charged a £10 admin fee plus any difference in fare. To avoid any issues, we always advise the customer to ensure the details of their ticket are correct at the point of booking. If you have purchased a FlexiPlus ticket, you will not be charged an admin fee if the change is made 7 days or more prior to departure.

Q. What is your policy if I decide to cancel my coach ticket?
A. All our coach tickets are non-refundable and we are not liable to refund your ticket under any circumstances, bar those specified in the Terms and Conditions or due to a set of circumstances deemed acceptable by Tuned In Travel. If you have purchased a FlexiPlus ticket, you will be able to cancel your ticket and recieve a full refund of the ticket price if notice is given 7 days or more prior to departure.

Q. Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?
A.   We are happy for you to change the name on your ticket and transfer it to someone else. However, you must ensure you leave us sufficient time prior to the event to complete the necessary administration. To request a change, please email customerservices@tunedintravel.com. You must include your reference number, the name you would like change and the new, updated name to allow us to locate your booking. All changes are subject to a small administration fee. If you have purchased a FlexiPlus ticket, you will not be charged an admin fee if the change is made 7 days or more prior to departure.

Q. How do I update my address, contact details or date of birth if they have changed since I booked my ticket?
A. The process is the same as transferring you ticket to someone else. You need to send an email, making sure to include your reference number and the details you would like to update, to customerservices@tunedintravel.com. All changes are subject to a small administration fee. If you have purchased a FlexiPlus ticket, you will not be charged an admin fee if the change is made 7 days or more prior to departure.

Q. What is your policy regarding luggage?
A. Our official luggage allowance is one rucksack (≤20kg), and one piece of hand luggage (10kg suitcase) per customer. Due to safety regulations, weight limits and a limited amount of space, we strictly enforce the luggage allowance. Any items over 20kg will not be accepted. Furthermore, we reserve the right to refuse you travel if we suspect you are carrying any prohibited items in your luggage. These include drugs, weapons, animals (live or deceased), prams, wheelbarrows, trolleys loaded with alcohol, wheelie bins etc.. 

Q. Can I consume alcohol on the coach?
A. We have strict no-alcohol policy on the coaches we provide. We are happy to transport your alcohol to the event, however it must remain in the coaches’ luggage compartment and must not be consumed on the vehicle.

Q. My friends and I bought our coach tickets separately. Can we sit together on the coach?
A. We do not allocate seats on the coaches. If you would like to sit with your friends, we recommend you arrive together and we’ll try our utmost to sit you together on the same coach.

Q. Do I receive my festival and travel tickets together?
A. The coach ticket will be sent separately to the event ticket. Tuned in Travel will email the coach e-ticket to you and the festival itself will take responsibility for delivering their tickets. However, in some cases, this may be different. In these cases, we will clearly state the procedure for collecting your coach and festival tickets.

Q. I did not buy a coach ticket with my event ticket as I did not require transport at the time. Can I add a coach ticket at a later date if required?
A. We will be more than happy to check if we have any available seats on the coaches from your preferred departure location. However, this will be subject to availability. If you would like to add a coach ticket, please email your request to customerservices@tunedintravel.com.
Q. Do you provide coaches that have access for passengers with limited mobility?
A. Our aim is to always provide coaches that can meet all our customers’ requirements. Please email your specific requirements to customerservices@tunedintravel.com and we will confirm if we can supply a coach to meet your needs.