22nd August 2019 - 26th August 2019

"This world would be a slightly better place if we all Shambala’d once a year" - UK Festival Guides

Shambala is more than a festival; it’s a place for it’s devoted community of partiers to escape from reality and immerse themselves in a mystical, magical world of performances, culture and music. This unique event hosts acts who present music from across the globe, providing audiences with exciting new sounds that can’t be found in the mainstream scene. This years line-up includes BCUC, Debashish Bhattacharya, Henge, Marcus Gad & Tribe and The Age of L.U.N.A. 

The fantastic music acts as a backtrack to the whirlwind of fun, fascinating activities that take place all across the site. Attendees can enjoy everything from yoga and ballet to crazy art classes and mushroom growing. Along with the workshops are awe-inspiring performances and installations that truly make Shambala a world of its own. 

Every year Shambala boast and fresh fancy dress theme of which the festival-goers can use to let their creativity run wild. Costumes that show off bright and daring imagination can be seen everywhere! This year’s theme is Extinction Carnival and attendees have been challenged to create their costumes using second-hand materials only. We are so excited to see what wildly and inventive attire people will bring to the party! 

As the official transport providers of the event, we are delighted to share in Shambala’s environmentally friendly values and will offset 100% of all our passengers’ fossil fuel miles travelled. We will do this through donations to Energy Revolution who will invest the fund into clean renewable energy projects.