FlexiPlus Tickets

 FlexiPlus Ticket Benefits

A FlexiPlus Ticket is an optional upgrade from a Standard Travel Ticket which includes additional benefits. 

  1. Get a full refund on the cost of travel if you need to cancel for any reason.
  2. Get a full refund on the cost of travel if the event is cancelled for whatever reason, including due to COVID19.
  3. Make unlimited amendments to your booking free of charge.
  4. All booking amendments will be subject to the availability of any alternative journey.
  5. Booking amendments involving a change in pick up / drop off point may be subject to an increase price of the fare.
  6. Booking amendments and cancellations must be made no later than 7 days prior to travel.
  7. No refunds are available on part-used travel tickets. 
  8. FlexiPlus benefits are only applicable to travel tickets, event tickets will remain under the terms and conditions of the Event Owner/Promoter.
  9. All purchases, change requests, and cancellations are subject to our T&C.  

Please read our full terms and conditions by clicking here.